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  • increase product reliability
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  • generate overall cost savings

You can choose from a series of four different webinar topics: Why adhesives, Instant Adhesives, Engineering Adhesives and Structural Bonding.

Adhesives have become an integral part of today’s industrial production processes. Whether in engineering, specialty vehicles or renewable energies, adhesives are increasingly used to replace traditional fastening methods such as riveting or welding.

Adhesives can also support you in your marketplace, enabling further innovation to sharpen your competitive advantage.

  1. Think adhesives are messy or difficult to use?
  2. Worried that adhesives are less reliable and weaker than mechanical fasteners?
  3. Don’t know if adhesives will work for your business?

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Why Adhesives

Optimise Your Manufacturing Process & Design Options Using Adhesives
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Engineering Adhesives

Proven Adhesive Design Solutions to prevent Vibration Loosening, Fretting & Leaks
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Instant Adhesives

Understand the Benefits of Instant Adhesives including the New Hybrid Innovation of LOCTITE 4090
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Understand the power, strength & versatility adhesives can offer

Class-winner in all disciplines offering significant advantages compared to traditional fastening methods.
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