Surface Engineering Solutions
Rebuild, Repair and Protect Industrial Equipment

Surface Engineering Solutions

Rebuild, Repair and Protect Industrial Equipment

Surface Engineering Solutions

Harsh environments, exposure to extreme conditions and high stress on components will wear out the highest quality equipment eventually. LOCTITE’s innovative Surface Engineering Solutions enable you to rebuild, repair and protect your industrial equipment. Whatever your professional maintenance needs may be, LOCTITE’s high-performing Surface Engineering products will help you fight challenges such as corrosion, abrasion and chemical attacks.

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Application Cases

Whatever challenge you are facing, LOCTITE has the right solution for your needs.


Benefit from our competencies to fulfill all your surface engineering needs:

Increase Reliability

of worn parts by restoring them to a serviceable condition

Improve Safety

by preventing occupational accidents due to part failure


Save Time

by minimizing downtime and extending part life

Reduce Costs

by avoiding part replacement and reducing spare part inventories


Application Engineering Support & Services

Our experienced Henkel Engineers are committed to provide you with the highest level of technical support and assistance for your surface engineering challenges.

To offer professional application engineering services along with our products, Henkel is partnering with selected industrial maintenance service providers. These “Applicators” have the required manpower and skills to conduct the engineering services you require. The applicators which follow the same high standards as Henkel, can obtain the status of a Henkel Certified Applicator Center. Click here for more information on Henkel Certified Applicator Centers.

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With LOCTITE’s Surface Engineering Products you can repair, rebuild and protect all your industrial equipment. The products offer you an integrated solution: thorough cleaners to prepare the equipment, easy-to-use metal repair products to fix mechanical damage, protective coatings and compounds to protect components from mechanical and chemical attacks.


Carefully cleaning components is key to guarantee a successful application of both, metal repair products and protective coatings and compounds. Prepare your equipment for long-lasting surface engineering effects. LOCTITE’s easy-to-use cleaners fully remove pollution, grease and chemical contaminants.

Metal-filled Compounds

Metal repair with LOCTITE’s metal-filled compounds allows you to fix worn and damaged parts quickly. Maintain your components on the production line – no welding necessary. Whether you need to repair mechanical damages or crashes, our compounds create reliable results.

Protective Coating & Compounds

Surface protection against external attacks is crucial to keep maintenance cost and down time to the bare minimum. For maximum efficiency, safety and reliability use innovative protective coatings and compounds for protection from corrosion, abrasion, aggressive chemicals and other threats.


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Surface Engineering Solutions
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