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Issue 3

Building Strong Guards with Structural Adhesives

Wim Boone, senior sales engineer at Henkel Belgium, explains how lightweight guards can be built using structural adhesives. Unlike other structural joining methods including welding, bolting and riveting, structural bonding enables machinery manufacturers to assemble strong and durable structures. The major differences lie in a more even stress transfer and stiffening effect, which allows the customer to apply significantly lighter designs.


Assembling (and Aligning) Hydraulic Cylinders

Martin Solc, senior technology specialist at Henkel Czech Republic, reports how to assemble hydraulic cylinders and also how to guarantee high performance and durability. Cylinder assemblies can be massive in large machines, and they are expected to work reliably with little to no downtime. Here anaerobic adhesives have a key role.

Choosing the Right Thread Sealer in Every Situation (Part 1)

Several Henkel senior engineers point out how important selection is when it comes to thread sealing. Machinery manufacturers use a range of solutions, from compressive yarns in the form of LOCTITE 55 for instant sealing, to the high-performance LOCTITE anaerobic threadlockers able to withstand the highest of fluid pressures.