TEROSON Structural Sealants Used for Ocean Containers

Henkel Provides Outstanding Sealing Solutions for Ocean Containers

What Does a Pineapple Have to Do with Sealing?

Shipping containers that transport fragile goods such as tropical fruit must meet special requirements. Henkel products are used in a variety of applications to seal the containers against weather and ultraviolet (UV) radiation to protect the goods inside.

Henkel’s TEROSON MS 930  is used for the elastic sealing of inside and outside joints and seams, such as bonding and sealing the v-bar into the inside corners of the container. This sealant does not contain any isocyanates and has a neutral odour. Since the refrigerated containers are used all over the world, resistance to weather and UV radiation is important. The high UV resistance of
TEROSON MS 930 makes it ideal for sealing the outside of the container. Tests performed by the manufacturer showed that even after a 6-week exposure to UV radiation, no damage occurred.

Refrigerated containers also place high demands on the elasticity of the sealant used.
TEROSON MS 930, a one-component sealant, with its tensile strength of 0.9 MPa (according to DIN 53504), elongation at break of about 400% and admissible total deformation of 25%, is the ideal barrier to water vapour. Even temperatures of -20 C° inside and +70 C° outside pose no problems for the adhesives.

The development engineers at Henkel offer every customer the best possible support in choosing the right sealants for various substrates. Get in touch with us – we’d be glad to help.

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