Specialty Flexible Adhesive

LOCTITE light and moisture curing specialty flexible adhesive is a non-corrosive product to form a thermoset elastomer resulting in excellent durability for medical device uses. Due to its UV cure mechanism, this product enables fast fixturing which results in enhanced productivity. It is thixotropic and stays flexible at low temperatures. In addition, the product withstands repeated steam sterilisations.

Typical applications: Bond and seal extruded silicone parts in colostomy, ileostomy and urostomy bags and appliances. Bond and seal the cuff and tube assemblies in endotracheal, tracheostomy, gastrostomy devices, foley catheters and other fabricated silicone parts
Product Viscosity (mPa·s) Max. Gap Properties Suitable Substrates
5248 50,000 6 mm Colour: Clear/Translucent
Extrudable and 
mouldable silicones,
stain  less steel, glass
and aluminium


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