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Dispensing Equipment for Unique Applications

In addition to the great portfolio of chemical products, Henkel offers application equipment for any situation and has actively been selling industrial equipment for more than 40 years. The range stretches from standard manual equipment to dispensing and UV curing equipment as well as complex application robots.

The portfolio contains equipment solutions to suit all chemistries offered by Henkel and even goes beyond this. In the rare cases where the standard portfolio does not answer your specific needs, Henkel’s Technical Customer Service will collaborate with you to find a tailor-made equipment solution.

By choosing Henkel as your equipment partner you will benefit from:

  • Proven knowhow on the chemistry requirements
  • Fast, precise and cost-effective system solutions
  • High equipment quality and reliability 
  • Great service and support

Henkel as a 360° solution provider = product and suitable equipment from a single source

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