Protective Coatings and Compounds

LOCTITE’s innovative Protective Coatings and Compounds allow you to maintain and protect your industrial equipment. From butterfly valves to vibrating feeders, from air ducts to wind turbine propellers, challenges such as abrasion, exposure to chemicals, cavitation and erosion can be easily faced.

With a choice of LOCTITE Protective Coatings and Compounds, you will find the right epoxy coating to help your equipment endure tough surroundings and demanding conditions: pick a suitable ceramic coating or corrosion protective coating to rebuild and protect surfaces against future mechanical or chemical attack. LOCTITE’s Protective Coatings and Compounds can be trowelled, sprayed or brushed onto designated areas.

Benefits of Protective Coatings and Compounds

  • Restore worn surfaces and extend part life of a wide range of plant areas and equipment
  • Increase part efficiency
  • Save cost by avoiding part replacement 
  • Reduce spare part inventories
  • Protect parts against abrasion, chemical attack, corrosion and erosion
  • Excellent chemical resistance for effective protection of assemblies
  • Create a sacrificial and renewable working surface protecting the structural integrity of the original substrate

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