Nuclear Power Plants

A nuclear power plant is divided into three main areas: the nuclear area, the electricity generation unit and the cooling system. LOCTITE products offer efficient solutions for maintenance and repair in each of these three areas, e.g. turbine maintenance, water circulation system sealing, protection of parts against abrasion, etc.

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Number Equipment Challenges LOCTITE Solution
1 Reactor vessel Protect top vessel gland studs against seizure to allow easy dismantling for maintenance or for replacement of fuel elements. Use LOCTITE 8013 Anti-Seize with high thermal resistance and low level of halogen (PMUC approved) to prevent seizing and galling during assembly and operation.
2 Containment spray system Seal and fix spraying system of containment safety circuit to achieve resistance to chemical acid attack (boric acid). Use LOCTITE 5772 Pipe Sealant to seal threaded parts. This product has high chemical resistance with a low level of halogen and sulphur (PMUC approved).
3 Pump motor Prevent loosening of frame adapter mounting bolts. Use LOCTITE 2432 Threadlocker to securely lock bolts and avoid loss of clamp load.
Avoid bearing spin in this area. Secure bearing retainer to prevent fretting and corrosion. Use LOCTITE 6482 Retainer to assemble cylindrical parts in nuclear areas; the a high temperature retaining compound has a low level of halogen and sulphur (PMUC approved).
4 Steam pipe gaskets Avoid gasket rupture in steam pipe system under temperature variations. LOCTIT 8013 Anti-Seize: thanks to its high temperature resistance and chemical resistance, this Anti-Seize product allows gasket movement at all temperatures.
5 External pipes Protect cooling circuit pipes against corrosion. Use LOCTITE Nordbak 7227 Brushable Ceramic to create a protective coating that combines chemical and mechanical resistance with good adhesion.
6 Buildings Fast and reliable repair of concrete. Use LOCTITE 7257 Magna Crete to allow application all year round, even at temperatures as low as -25 °C. Repaired areas can be back in use after only 45 min.

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