Welcome to our New Branding Architecture!

Henkel Adhesive Technologies will regroup its products under five Technology Cluster Brands: LOCTITE, BONDERITE, TECHNOMELT, TEROSON and AQUENCE. Under the new structure, each of these brands will represent a cluster of specific technologies. The new simplified branding structure will make it easier for you to find the right solution for your needs.

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What will change: What will stay:
  • Simplification of the overall brand portfolio
  • Change of product names
  • Product names in TDS’s and SDS’s will be changed accordingly
  • Grouping under five strong Technology Cluster Brands
  • Unified Look & Feel
  • Current product numbering/grading system
  • Henkel part numbers (IDHs)
  • Product composition and chemical formulation
  • EAN Codes
  • All approvals and certifications
  • LOCTITE branded cyanoacrylates, anaerobics and equipment will remain unchanged

For more specific information on our New Branding Architecture, please download our brochure and presentation below:

New Branding Architecture
Henkel Adhesive Technology Branding Project

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