Repair or Rebuild Metal Damaged Parts

LOCTITE Metal-filled Compounds offer maintenance solutions to the problems caused by impingement and mechanical damage, including cracks in housings, worn keyways in shafts and collars, worn cylindrical shafts, etc.

LOCTITE Metal-filled Compounds repair, rebuild and restore damaged machinery and equipment permanently and without the need of heat or welding.

 Key benefits of LOCTITE Metal-filled Compounds

  • Fast repair
  • Low shrinkage to reduce stress on components
  • Easy to apply
  • No need to heat parts
  • Make repairs right on the production line
  • Match metal colour
  • Can be drilled, tapped or machined after cure
  • Superior adhesion to metal, ceramic, wood, glass and some plastics
  • Excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals to increase part life
  • Choice of mild steel, aluminium or non-metallic fillers
  • Create durable repairs
  • High compression strength for mechanical applications

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