Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO)

Only correct maintenance ensures your equipment is running smoothly. LOCTITE offers the best solutions in the areas of bonding, sealing, cleaning and lubricating.

Our products are well-known for high reliability and safety. They particularly help you to save time and reduce costs, since down-time or failure of industrial parts can be reduced to a minimum if maintained with LOCTITE products.

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Application Example

Watch how LOCTITE maintenance solutions make sure this paper machine runs smoothly at 1,900 metres per minute.

Maintenance Products

LOCTITE is the maintenance expert for bonding, sealing, cleaning and lubricating.

Whatever your task is – you make it work with LOCTITE.

Maintenance Expert Guide

Find the right solution for every maintenance task. Mobile, online or offline - any time, any place.

Industry and Equipment Solutions

Years of experience in manufacturing and maintenance of industrial equipment enabled us to build up profound knowledge of typical servicing and repair tasks in all major industries and of the most common industrial equipment.

Industry Solutions
Our industry programs cover typical maintenance and repair challenges in your industry. They include numerous application examples and case histories. Learn how a specific repair task similar to yours was solved in a comparable situation.

Power Plants Water Utilities Railway

Equipment Solutions

Our device programs go even deeper into specific maintenance and repair tasks of industrial components. We offer application solutions for all repair tasks and specific product suggestions. You don’t have to bother with the product selection and are free to concentrate on getting the job done.

Maintenance Expert Training

High-quality products can be only as good as the people who use them. That is why we offer hands-on training on our products in maintenance and repair environments.
Our trainers are thoroughly familiar with the day-to-day problems you may encounter and will give you the tools and practical know-how for successful application of our products.

Please contact us to schedule a training tailored to your needs.

Our Partners

Many of our products are available through distribution. Take a look at our dealer search to locate one in your area.

To offer application engineering services along with our products Henkel is partnering with selected industrial maintenance service providers.


If you are interested in learning more about our LOCTITE solutions in detail, get in touch with us. Our technical experts can offer you a product training tailored to your needs.


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