Innovative Protective Coating for Welding Processes

LOCTITE SF 7900 CERAMIC SHIELD is a unique, ceramic, silicone-free protective coating that prevents metal spatter from adhering to welding equipment. The coating forms a dry film that repels spatter. It ensures uninterrupted welding for up to 8 hours – without the need for reapplication.

Save time. Reduce costs. Increase productivity.
The benefits of using LOCTITE SF 7900 CERAMIC SHIELD are substantial.

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Your savings - REFA test results

LOCTITE SF 7900 CERAMIC SHIELD saves time and money!

With conventional protective coatings, MIG/MAG welding processes have to be interrupted regularly to change and clean shrouds and contact tips. With LOCTITE SF 7900 CERAMIC SHIELD it is possible to weld continuously for a complete shift with less downtime.

Save more than 40% costs per shift in terms of auxiliaries, consumables and labour costs!


Save more than 7% time per shift due to less cleaning and coating operations!


LOCTITE SF 7900 CERAMIC SHIELD versus conventional products:

  With conventional anti-spatter spray With LOCTITE SF 7900 CERAMIC SHIELD
No. of replacements of shroud and contact tip per shift  1.5  0.87
No. of coating applications per shift  25 0.87 
No. of shroud cleaning operations per shift  37
No. of contact tip cleaning operations per shift  7
Time need for cleaning and coating of shroud
and contact tip per shift
 32 min. 1.40 min.

This data is based on a comparison study conducted by the independent institute REFA Consult. It assumes that on average 51% of a shift is used for active welding. If continuous welding with less cleaning of shroud and contact tip is considered (100% welding per shift) savings would increase to 10% in time and 70% in costs.


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LOCTITE SF 7900 CERAMIC SHIELD? Then get in touch with us and we will show you how effective it is! Our experts will calculate your specific potential savings and provide an increased production valuation.

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