Off-white to light yellow 2-part hybrid adhesive with a high viscosity/non-drip for use in structural bonding. High humidity and vibration resistance.

LOCTITE® HY 4090 has a high viscosity and is a off-white to light yellow gel. It opens completely new application areas in structural bonding – for the very first time combining instant adhesive properties with those for epoxies to give more striking benefits. Fixture time of 90 - 180 secs and suitable for gaps up to 5 mm. Resistant to vibration, shock loads and impacts. Best application results are achieved with LOCTITE®50 ml Adhesive Mixing Nozzle (IDH 1826921), LOCTITE® 400 ml Adhesive Mixing Nozzle (IDH 1573135), LOCTITE® 96001 (IDH 267452) or LOCTITE® 983439 (IDH 218311).

Your benefits

  • High moisture resistance
  • Vibration, shock loads and impact resistance
  • Temperature resistance up to 150 °C
  • Gap filling up to 5mm
  • UV resistant allowing outdoor applications

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