CHEMICAL METAL, a two-part polyester based general purpose product. Allows fast, easy repairs. Suitable for filling, trowelling, joining and sealing.

CHEMICAL METAL is a dark grey two-part polyester based general purpose ("universal fix-it") product. It allows fast, easy repairs. Suited to any substrate, it allows fast and easy repairs on cars, in the house, hobby etc. Suitable for filling and trowelling flaws and cracks, for joining dissimilar materials and for sealing housings and casings. It has a work time of 5 min and a cure time of 20 min. The temperature resistance on steel is +120°C. It contains 244g/l solvent.

Your Benefits

  • The original rock-hard multi-purpose repair paste
  • Resistant to temperatures up to +160°C
  • Thousands of home, automotive and DIY uses
  • Working time is 5 min and cure time is 20 min
  • Allows machining, including tapping threads, after 20 minutes
  • Can be used on most substrates
  • Resistant to water, salt water, oil, fuel, and to most weak acids and chemicals


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