(Known as P3 ScribeX 400 )

Loctite 7862 Graffiti and Marking Remover

Apply manually (brush or sponge) or by using an airless spraying system. Remove the dissolved paint manually after 5 to 10 minutes reaction time. Rinse with Loctite 7012 (usage concentration: 3 to 5% in water) to clean the surface completely. Repeat the application if the surface is still polluted strongly.


Your benefits

  • Slight thixotrope product specifically developed for the removal of graffiti and markings from smooth and non-absorbing surfaces.
  • Very efficient on almost any type of graffiti
  • Particularly active on bitumen containing spray paints
  • Can be used on vertical surfaces
  • Label-free

Technical data

  • pH at 10 g/l: 3.7
  • Working temperature: 10 to 40 °C
  • Application concentration: Ready-to-use
  • Pack size: 5l, 20l

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