(Known as LOCTITE 3525 )

Light-cure acrylic-based adhesive. Strong and tough, it is well suited to bonding plastics and metals. Low yellowing effect in sunlight.

LOCTITE AA 3525 is a clear, light-cured, acrylic-based adhesive that is toughened for high strength bonding. Although well suited to plastics and metals, it can also bond glass and ceramics. It offers low yellowing in a sunlit environment. The tack-free time is 10 secs, while the fixturing time is 5 secs. Depth of cure is >13 mm. Service temperature is up to 140°C.

Your benefits

  • High strength, toughened
  • Well suited to plastics and metals
  • Ideal for electric motor balancing applications
  • Low yellowing in sunlight


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