Loctite 98013

Loctite 98013 Semi Automatic Dispensing System -  CA Dispensing Valve

Loctite Controllers, Reservoirs and Valves can be used to create a complete customized dispensing system, designed to meet specific needs and manufacturing goals.

  • Loctite 97106 Reservoir
  • Loctite 97102 Semi-Automatic Controller
  • Loctite 98009/98013 Light Cure Dispense Valve

Loctite 98009/98013 Features  

The Loctite Light Cure / Cyanoacrylate Dispense Valve is a normal closed, diaphragm valve that provides high-resolution stroke adjustment resulting in consistent flow control and bubble-free, no-drip dispensing. This valve is suitable for all low to medium viscosity adhesives. This valve is designed for pressure time applications and must be used in conjunction with a controller and product reservoir.

  • Compact size and weight
  • Adjustable fluid flow control
  • Fail safe, air to open, spring close
  • Positive shut-off, no seals
  • Cycle rate exceeds 8 doses per second 

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