(Known as TEROFOAM)

Body Protection – Sound-deadening foam. 2-component polyurethane, density 35 kg/m³.

TEROSON® PU 9500 FOAM is a sound-deadening 2-component polyurethane foam for A-, B- and C-pillars, door sills and frame structures. It is ideal for refixing preformed acoustic parts. The foam blocks the passage of the air-borne noise in hollow cavities and prevents noise, vibration and harshness. It has excellent sealing properties against water and dust and is flame-retardant. The product is OEM specified. Surface preparation with TEROSON® VR 20 recommended.

Your benefits

  • Blocks the passage of air-borne noise in hollow cavities
  • Prevents noise, vibration and harshness (NVH)
  • Provides a complete seal against water and dust
  • Flame retardent
  • Adhesion: self-adhesive/foaming
  • OEM specified


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