UV-Curing Adhesive

UV-curing adhesive (or light-curing adhesive) has been used for many years in various industrial processes, for example, adhesives in the medical industry, due to its excellent properties.

UV-curing adhesive is particularly suitable for the production of glassware, glass furniture and acrylic glass, as well as for products in the optical industry and in medical technology. LOCTITE provides UV-adhesive with medical clearance especially for this purpose.

UV-curing adhesive (or light-curing adhesive) is particularly useful as glass adhesive due to its high transparency and exceptional stability, even in difficult environmental conditions such as humidity and sunlight. It is also used for bonding glass to metal as well as glass to glass.

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  • Cure on demand
  • Speed of cure
  • Quality assurance
  • One part systems
  • Invisible bonds

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