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Henkel has been an active player in the Industrial Processing Machinery Industry since the 1950s. LOCTITE Anaerobics were first introduced to the market to overcome mainly mechanical challenges.

But Henkel’s range is not limited to engineering solutions that address purely mechanical problems. Our solutions improve the performance of a wide variety of machine subcomponents and speed up all sorts of machinery manufacturing processes.

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Henkel actively supports machinery manufacturers at every stage of their production offering a comprehensive portfolio of solutions covering:


We are a global player offering local support and specific solutions with cutting-edge products. Partner with us and secure your competitive advantage across the whole value chain.

Technical Consultancy
Our experienced application engineers provide you with the highest level of technical support in the machinery industry.

Metal-Working / Industrial Cleaning / Bonding / Sealing

Our state-of-the-art solutions keep your machines running smoothly for a long time.

Expert Training

We offer advanced training tailored to your specific needs.


Our range of products works with state-of-the-art technologies – from preparation and assembly to mechanical improvement and surface treatment. Benefit from our proven competence and experience to fulfill all your industrial processing machinery needs:

  • More reliable and productive machines
  • Eco-efficient machines during the entire life cycle
  • Precision and accuracy
  • Endless design opportunities
  • Comprehensive support from machine design to service

Machinery Segments

We understand the specific requirements of every machine and offer tailored solutions to customer challenges. You can find specific information on some of the most relevant machinery segments we serve here.

Metal-Working Robotics and Automation Mining and Rock-Processing

Food and Beverage Processing and Packaging Plastic and Rubber

We also serve many other machinery sectors, like textiles, ceramic processing or electronics manufacturing. Just contact us for more details.

Machinery Subcomponents

Industrial processing machines are made of subcomponents with different roles and jobs. They include:

  • Guards including doors, covers, cabinets or cabins
  • Structures including foundations, base plates, beds, casings, gantries or frames
  • Mechanisms including drives, gearboxes, shafts, gears, bearings, transmissions, indexers or rollers
  • Fluid management components, including pumps, valves, filters, pipes, sieves, separation screens or deposits
  • Tools including cutting tools, sanding disks, grinding wheels, cutting and mixing blades or wear liners

Just contact us for more details.


LOCTITE is the trusted choice for engineered, high performance adhesive, sealant and coating solutions. TEROSON is the driving brand for bonding, sealing, coating and reinforcing applications and industrial assemblies. BONDERITE products are the premier surface technology, with solutions that create competitive advantages across the industrial manufacturing marketplace.


If you are interested in learning more about our engineering solutions, please get in contact with us. We can support you in designing or upgrading your machine or in reducing your manufacturing costs by a wide variety of activities led by our expert team.


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Mining and Rock-Processing
Processing and Packaging
Plastic and Rubber

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