Hydroelectric Power Plants

Hydroelectric power plants are classified into three types: Run-of-river, storage, and pump reservoir facilities. The biggest challenge in hydroelectric power plants is the corrosion and wear protection of equipment made of metal, but repair of the concrete infrastructure plays an important role. LOCTITE offers a wide range of service solutions covering the infrastructure of the plant, the turbine service, engine house, generator and valves.

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Number Equipment Challenges LOCTITE Solution


Inlet for Pelton turbine Seal the flanges of the turbine inlet and attached components Use LOCTITE 518 Flange Sealant to achieve reliable sealing of the flange and avoid corrosion
1 Valves and Butterfly Rebuilding of a valve or butterfly after corrosion and/or abrasion Rebuild and coat the valve and butterfly with LOCTITE 7227 / 7228 Brushable Ceramic Grey/White
  Ball valve in pump reservoir hydroelectric power plant Rebuild and protect the entire outer and inner surface of the ball valve and build up abrasion and corrosion protection on large surfaces Fill the gaps, pin holes and surface defects with LOCTITE 7222 Wear Resistant Putty. Afterwards coat the entire surface (inside and outside) of areas subjected to abrasion and corrosion with LOCTITE 7255 Sprayable Ceramic, using an airless spray system
2 Threaded fittings and pipes of hydraulic systems Prevent leakage on all threaded fittings and pipes, especially on hydraulic systems Seal course threaded assembles with LOCTITE 577 Thread Sealant. For hydraulic oil pipes and fine threaded fittings use LOCTITE 542 Thread Sealant. Thread sealants prevent fittings from loosening, yet allow easy disassembly with normal hand tools.
  Turbine Service & Overhaul Abrasion and corrosion protection of a Franzis turbine impeller Repair badly worn areas on impeller, e.g. holes, with LOCTITE 7222 Wear Resistant Putty. Apply two coats of LOCTITE 7227 / 7228 Brushable Ceramic Grey/White onto the entire surface of the impeller
3  Power Plant Infrastructure Repair tunnels of hydroelectric power plants and build spell abrasion resistant layer on concrete Repair and rebuild cracks, chipping and spalling of concrete areas with LOCTITE 7257 Magna Crete. Repair and seal large concrete surfaces and provide chemically resistant coat with LOCTITE 7204 High Performance Quartz

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