Teroson Zinc Spray

Teroson Zinc Spray Body Repair - Underbody, Rust protection, Zinc with epoxy agent    

Serves as corrosion protection between welding flanges during MIG and spot welding. Used for vehicle bodywork repairs to galvanize welding points and the joints of those parts which were originally galvanized, in particular those which will not be painted.

Your benefit

  • Anti corrosion paint for vehicle body repair and maintenance
  • Electrically conductive (wet and dry)
  • Not overpaintable

Technical data

  • Product base: Zinc with epoxy agent
  • Volatile Organic Compound Content: 698.5 g/l
  • Drive-away Time (standard climate): After 1 hr
  • Colour: Silver-grey
  • Application tool: Spray
  • Pack size: Spray 400ml

Applications Repairing > Body Protection > Underbody Coating/Rust Protection
RoHS Compliant Contact Henkel

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