Macroplast UK 8326 B30

Macroplast UK 8326 B30 Structural Bonding - 2K PU, Gap filling, Primerless adhesion

A sag-resistant 2K- PU adhesive which is suitable for vertical application combining primerless metal adhesion with good elastic and shock absorbent properties for use in trailer production.

Your benefits

  • Primerless metal adhesion
  • Good ageing stability
  • Sag resistant

Technical data

Technology: 2K-PU
Viscosity: 250,000 – 310,000 mPa·s
Initial strength: 3 - 4 h
Curing time: 5 - 7 d
Tensile shear strength: > 12 N/mm²
Service temperature range (short exposure): -40 to +80 °C (150 °C)
Pack sizes: 3.6kg combi pack

Applications Sealants > Substrate Type > Metal
Chemistry Polyurethane
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