Henkel's Adhesive Dispensing Equipment

For some jobs, it is sufficient to dispense the product at use directly from the bottle or tube onto the surfaces to be joined. In other cases, more precise and automated dispensing is required. In addition to the standard adhesive dispensing equipment available, Henkel designs and custom-builds adhesive dispenser based on customers requirements to provide unique application solutions. Choose from a variety of

  • Hand-held applicators for easy, clean dispension and reduced waste and operator contact
  • Light curing adhesive dispensing equipment for flood and spot cure systems, meters and accessories
  • Semi-automated dispensing systems for automated assembly lines with low to high viscosity products
  • Hand-held adhesive dispensers for single user manual workstations with low to medium viscosity products
  • Customised solutions unique to your workfloor set-up

With years and years of experience on workfloors just like yours, our experts know the challenges and developments in the lighting industry. Both our general and individually fitted adhesive dispensing equipment is beneficial to your company: By using state-of-the-art solutions with fitting adhesive dispensers, you will get the most out of the Henkel products you use – for optimal efficiency. And you are not only saving time and money with proper adhesive dispensing equipment, you are also a step closer to running a 'greener' business – by using less!

Whether you have demanding customers and are working on developing fresh designs for luminaires, whether it is about adhesive dispensing equipment or other manufacturing needs, please contact us, so one of the regional offices can get in touch with you – for more efficient, more sustainable operations!

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