Cree Compatibility

Henkel is one of the few Cree-aproved companies having LED compatible solutions for building LED lighting devices.

Henkel collaborated with Cree to identify, test, and validate a wide range of Loctite adhesives to determine their performance in direct and indirect LED assembly applications.  Product tests showed superior performances of LED lighting devices utilizing Henkel compatible products.

Products approved for direct LED contact according to Cree XLamp Chemical Compatibility test method.

LOCTITE 460 Instant Adhesive, low blooming
TEROSON SI 113 Alkoxy Silicone 1K, flexible, good adhesion on plastics
LOCTITE SI 5616 Silicone 2K, white, fast


Products approved for use in proximity of LEDs according to Cree XLamp Chemical Compatibility test method.

TEROSON MS 939 Silane modified polymer 1K, black/white/grey, 1K moisture cure
TEROSON MS 9399 Silane modified polymer 2K, black/white/grey, fast
LOCTITE SI 100 Silicone grease, removable, 3.4 W/mK
LOCTITE EA 9497 2K epoxy, permanent adhesive, 1.4 W/mK, high strength
LOCTITE EA 9496 2K epoxy, permanent potting, 1.7 W/mK, viscosity 2600 mPas
LOCTITE 3525 Acrylic UV Cure 1K, fast UV curing, glass/ metal/ plastics



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