Savings Potential in Centrifuge Repairs

A centrifuge is one of the most important machines in a water utility plant. It is needed for dewatering waste slurries arising from industrial processing or from raw water treatment of municipal sewage.

The bowl and the conveyor of decanter centrifuges are subjected to wear and chemical attack and need to be reworked at certain service intervals.

Coat entire outside surface of the bowl with Loctite® Chemical Resistant Coating. In areas where chemical attack of the bowl is combined with erosion and abrasion, like the bowl interior or the complete conveyor, the component needs to be reworked to the original dimensions with LOCTITE Wear resistant compounds and coated with LOCTITE 7227 / 7228 Brushable Ceramic Grey / White.

Your advantage: Reduction of cost

  • Reduce component consumption by salvaging and extending the life of centrifuge bowl and conveyor. After the repair the components are protected from wear and chemical attack.
  • Depending on the actual condition of the bowl, cost savings in the range from 40% up to 75% can be achieved by repairing the centrifuge bowl and conveyor with LOCTITE Polymer Composites, as compared to the costs for replacing the parts.

A typical repair of a bowl and conveyor includes: Cleaning, grit blasting, application of Polymer Composites, replacement of components (bearing, etc.), balancing and reassembly of the centrifuge.

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