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Adhesives for Telecommunication and Power Cables

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In cables with a multi-layer jacket, the individual layers must be bonded so as to ensure even stress dissipation. Different cable constructions will call for different materials. The hotmelt adhesives we have developed specifically to meet the needs of the cable industry, can bond even the most difficult substrates.

Waterswellable hotmelts have proved themselves as a protection against longitudinal water penetration. When a cable is damaged, they help to avoid high costs by limiting the water damage.

Combining hotmelt adhesives with superabsorbants results in waterswellable behavior as well as good adhesion and / or application properties. For longitudinal water sealing, cables no longer need to be filled with grease (petrojelly).

Filling compounds for Telecommunication Cables
Henkel provides a broad range of tube and core filling compounds, which guarantee durable protection against humidity and grime. Especially for optical fiber cables, these products protect the glass fiber from mechanical stress even at extreme temperatures of –60°C to +150°C. They are highly compatible with the individual cable components like glass fibers/ coatings and tube polymers. Our products fulfills all minimum requirements with regard to dropping behavior, hydrogen development, OIT, flash point, acid value etc.

High Performance Sealants for Cable Joints
TEROSON offers a wide selection of highly specialized sealants as a solution to many diverse problems in cable joints and pipes. The sealants are based on butyl and polyisobutylene (PIB) and are used in telecommunication- and power joints.

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