BONDERITE – Functional Coatings Technologies

BONDERITE stands for technologies that set new standards for your total functional coating process. Our cleaner, lubricants, surface treatment and coating products create competitive advantages across the industrial manufacturing marketplace.

This translates into:

  • High performance and superior cost-in-use
  • Strong process reliability and operational efficiency 
  • Sustainability in the field of cleaners, metal pre-treatment and coatings.

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Superior Functional Coating Technologies
The Cleaner Solution

Product Range

Low temperature and nickel-free.

BONDERITE M-ED 11150/11151 – Cold sealing for anodised aluminium without using nickel.

Spotless performance

BONDERITE C-MC 21130 – The new environmentally compatible cleaner for all uncured paints and coatings.

Eco-friendly conversion coatings.

BONDERITE Chrome-VI free technologies.

Exceptional corrosion protection

BONDERITE Electro-Ceramic Coating (ECC) – outstanding features for light metals.

New Generation Coating BONDERITE M-NT

The highest standard for corrosion protection and paint adhesion


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