Battery applications

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Henkel also offers tailor-made products for battery manufacture. They are distinguished by their extreme resistance to acids and their low absortion.

Products used in these applications are hotmelt adhesives based on polyolefins. They can serve to protect the edges of separators and to seal all kinds of battery housings. They show very good adhesion on difficult-to-bond materials, such as polypropylene.

Henkel’s capacity for innovation is evident in the manufacture of rechargeable battery packs for mobile electronic equipment like cell phones.

Corner reinforcement on separators

In the past, the contact electronics were first potted with PVC, then joined to the battery pack. Finally, a tape was wound around the finished construction. Now, the battery pack and its electronics are simply potted using Macromelt - in one single operation.


  • Contact and closure sealing on lids
  • Cover attachment
  • Attachment and vibration protection for separators
  • Attachment and vibration protection for battery packs
  • Sandwiching of separators
  • Corner reinforcement on separators
  • Complete sealing of lithium-ion batteries
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