LOCTITE AssureCure System

A System to Quantifiably Measure the Degree of Cure of Adhesive Bonds

Henkel Corporation has introduced a revolutionary new technology designed to quantitatively and cost-effectively assess the degree of cure of light cure adhesives. A simple in-line process, the LOCTITE AssureCure System includes new adhesive technology, fiber optic light sources, light detector unit, and software that ties into the users’ PC or PLC.

LOCTITE AssureCure offers the following benefits

  • Confirms cure in-line in less than a second
  • Provides in-line quality check on 100% of production parts
  • Reduces extensive in-process quality checks and associated scrap components
  • Decreases the costs required for quality verification
  • Improves overall quality and production rates
  • Easily integrated into existing production lines due to small footprint

The small footprint of the Loctite AssureCure system allows for easy integration into existing production lines and the system is positioned directly after existing light cure equipment.

Adhesives & Equipment

AssureCure light cure adhesives can be provided in a range of viscosities, physical properties and package configurations.

The LOCTITE AssureCure Monitoring System is designed to detect, measure, analyze, record and provide a degree of cure metric relative to the transition of specially formulated adhesives from a liquid to a solid (cured).

The AssureCure system includes the following components:

System Component Function
Interface Module with LED Light Source Measures, analyzes and records multiple optical measurements
Light Source Fiber Transmits light to adhesive bond line (up to 4 points)
Detector Fiber Directs adhesive's optical response to Optic Module
Optic Module Analyzes multiple optical measurements
Optic Processor Accepts input from multiple optic modules and provides output to PC/PLC


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