Adhesive Product Solutions by Application

Henkel – a global leader in adhesive, sealing, potting, low pressure moulding, thermal management and surface treatment technologies – offers a wide range of product solutions engineered for the design and manufacture of lighting devices.

We have strong partners in the lighting industry and know the challenges from first-hand experience as we keep up-to-date with workfloors and developments at customers. With the know-how of our people here at Henkel and our state-of-the-art technology, we are able to offer customised solutions and support. Our product solutions – presented by application here – give a comprehensive overview as to what our range of products can do to improve luminaire design and manufacture. From adhesives to sealing, potting and thermal management, our experts are here to help you.

Henkel is highly committed to efficiency, innovation and sustainability. As one of the leaders in this area we always strive to create new sustainable solutions along the entire value chain. We consistently improve our portfolio and have a long-term eco-strategy for 2030: Achieve more with less! By improving sustainability and introducing 'green solutions', we also make processes more efficient: That is beneficial to both the environment and your business – as you save money and time with easy-to-apply formulas and product solutions while manufacturing long-lasting, top-quality luminaires!

Get in touch with us now to let us know how we can support you with our product solutions: We are a global player with at least one regional office close to you – so we can cooperate and communicate in the most convenient and direct way with you!

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