Air Leaks are not a Game

Air leaks are invisible at first glance – but may cause obvious damaging effects on tools and components. Compressed air accounts for as much as 10% to 30% of industrial consumption of electricity, because of this leaks in compressed air systems can be a major source of wasted energy – on average 42% of energy can be saved by reducing air leaks. Improve your energy savings and increase production efficiency with LOCTITE.

Air Leaks are Responsible for:
  • Productivity losses due to pressure drops
    when using air tools
  • Higher maintenance costs since the system
    is running more, increasing the need for
    maintenance and repair
  • Higher equipment downtimes forced by
    longer maintenance times
  • Reduced equipment life because the entire
    system has to cycle more frequently

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Fourfold Expertise to Improve Production Operations.

4 proactive services for one single 360° solution to help improve energy savings and production efficiency. The LOCTITE Air Leaks Program.

4 Proactive Services
Air Leak Detection

In close collaboration with our distribution partner, we use an ultrasonic leak detector to identify compressed air leaks within the facility. The sooner any loss of air is detected the faster the equipment can be returned to optimal efficiency.
Documentation and Calculation

During a plant survey, our experts identify the leak location and its severity and tag the appropriate area. All information is compiled on a comprehensive report documenting leak losses and associated costs.

To identify the saving potential within your facility, visit the Leak Cost Calculator

LOCTITE Air Leak Product Solutions

In case of an air leak, our experts and our distribution partners provide tailored products to repair your equipment fast and effectively. Solutions include adhesives, sealants, tapes and sprays - all are industry proven and trusted and carry relevant approvals and certifications.

LOCTITE 577 Thread Sealant
LOCTITE 518 Gasket Sealant
LOCTITE SF 7063 Cleaners
LOCTITE SI 5075 Emergency repair tape
LOCTITE 55 Thread Sealant
LOCTITE 542 Thread Sealant
LOCTITE SI 5331 Thread Sealant

LOCTITE Maintenance Trainings

Our experts conduct a practical hands-on LOCTITE Maintenance Workshop training program with your maintenance personnel on site to help them identify leaks, learn proper product selection and application procedures. Result – improved efficiency all round.


Air Leaks are not a Game.

LOCTITE Solutions for Compressed Air Systems.

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