The DURO-TAK brand name is used for pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) offered for applications in the self-adhesive tape, graphics and label markets, as well as in medical markets for such products as transdermal patches and tapes used in medical applications. DURO-TAK adhesives are noted for their strength and durability under adverse conditions, and are able to withstand weather, time and chemical exposure.

DURO-TAK products allow facestocks such as various films and papers to adhere to a variety of substrates including metals, paperboard, plastics and even skin. Performance benefits include high heat resistance, environmental resistance, optical clarity and, for transdermal applications, compatibility with various drug compounds.

These products encompass both solvent-based acrylic and formulated rubber (liquid) pressure-sensitive adhesives. The solvent-based acrylics are polymers based on acrylic esters such as 2-EHA and ethyl acrylate. The rubber-based products are based on SIS and SBS formulated with oils and tackifiers. The DURO-TAK UV sub-brand is an emerging portfolio of UV-curable acrylics with 100% solids.

In the transdermal adhesive market segment, DURO-TAK is the product of choice for patch developers.  The DURO-TAK transdermal sub-brands are specifically designed to meet the demanding needs for use in designing drug delivery via transdermal patches.  DURO-TAK is known for the high quality, reliability and product portfolio breadth backed by a technical team who understands regulatory and application requirements needed for successful patch development.

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